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Michelle Dewberry spars with Labour MP Lisa Nandy during Question Time about Brexit

During a tense Question Time, Hull's Michelle Dewberry accused Labour of treating Brexit proponents as racists and xenophobes.

During a tense Question Time, Hull’s Michelle Dewberry accused Labour of treating Brexit proponents as racists and xenophobes.

Michelle Dewberry appeared on the show as part of her preparation for her new job at GB News, which will entail a lot of discussion.

The former Apprentice contestant, who gave birth to her first child last year, was cast as one of the show’s main anchors.

Michelle won The Apprentice in 2006 and ran as an independent pro-Brexit candidate in 2017 and for The Brexit Party in 2019 in her hometown of Hull.

Michelle was joined on the panel by Conservative MP and Justice Secretary Robert Buckland, Labour’s Lisa Nandy, SNP’s Kate Forbes, and journalist Paul Mason, who was hosted by Fiona Bruce.

Topics discussed included Labour’s performance in the local elections a week ago and the chances of another referendum for Scotland.

On the question of ‘what is the point of the Labour Party?’ Michelle and Labour MP Lisa Nandy clashed in a bitter debate.

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Michelle said: “The Labour Party are in the midst of an identity crisis

“The party feels more concerned about identity politics rather than representing the traditional working classes.”

But Ms Nandy fired a dig at Michelle’s failed bids to become a Hull MP.

She said: “I have been elected to represent the people of Wigan four times, how often have you been elected?”

Michelle said: “I have not been elected once. But if it was not for people like me who were in the Brexit Party there would be way fewer Labour MPs now

“I want you to decide who it is you represent and not get into bizarre ID politics.

“You see the Brexiteers as racist xenophobes.”

But there was not a lot of love for Michelle On Twitter.

James Pearce said: “Well done Lisa Nandy, absolutely shutting Michelle Dewberry down. Why does the BBC even have Dewberry on? She’s a pundit from a rival news channel!”

VimalG added: “Dimbleby would have just laughed at Michelle Dewberry. She brings nothing to the table for a rational debate.”

Brian Lawton was also unimpressed with the Hull television personality.

He said: “Has Michelle Dewberry not realised that Brexit has happened? Her side won – she needs to get over it.”

She also questioned why Labour placed a remainer in the Hartlepool elections when the people had voted 70 per cent in favour of leaving the EU.

Meanwhile, journalist Paul Mason also had a dig at Michelle saying: “You tried to divide the people of Hull on racist grounds.”

She will appear five nights a week on GB News, which is predicted to be the biggest television channel to launch since Sky News, although there is no date yet for its launch.

The programme will be chaired by well-known political television presenter Andrew Neil, and is expected to be the UK’s equivalent of Fox News.

Michelle joins a line-up including former BBC News presenter Simon McCoy, former Sky News anchor Colin Brazier and executive editor of the Sun newspaper Dan Wootton.

GB News will reach 96 per cent of UK households through all major UK platforms including Freeview, Sky, Virgin Media, YouView and Freesat.


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