Mozilla adds March Madness video perk, cookie protections to the latest Firefox

Mozilla rolled out two new features for its latest version of Firefox on Wednesday — a privacy-boosting option for containing cookies as you browse, and a new way to watch multiple videos at once. 

“Total Cookie Protection joins our suite of privacy protections called ETP (Enhanced Tracking Protection). In combining Total Cookie Protection with last month’s supercookie protections, Firefox is now armed with very strong, comprehensive protection against cookie tracking,” Mozilla said in a Wednesday blog post.

The new process creates individual containment units for each website’s cookies — illustrated by Mozilla as being contained in their respective cookie jars — to prevent the sites from tracking your other activity across the web while still allowing you to get the quick-loading site experience those cookies are meant to enable. 

Mozilla’s metaphor for its new cookie containment tech is an in-browser cookie jar that cordons off each site’s trackers from interacting with those from other sites.  


The new protection feature will be available in Firefox’ ETP Strict Mode in both the desktop and Android versions. 

The latest Firefox also has a new picture-in-picture video perk that allows you to view several videos at once in your browser. The video feature allows for multiple picture-in-picture views, and includes keyboard controls for fast-forward and rewind. It’s now available on Mac, Linux and Windows. 

“Also, we can’t help that it coincides with one of the biggest sports events this year in March,” the company said in a nod toward the upcoming NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. You can preview the new feature in Mozilla’s latest video:

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