Musk Topples Bezos to Become World’s Richest Person

Elon Musk Became World Richest

Last year stellar performance of Tesla shares and continued meteoric rise of Tesla shares on the backdrop of healthy profit posted by company results saw Elon Musk dethroning the Ecommerce undisputed king Jeff Bezos.

A 4.8% rise in Tesla’s share price was enough to push Musk into the top spot according to the Bloomberg Index which tracks the daily changes in the fortunes of the world’s 500 wealthiest people.

The 49-year-old entrepreneur’s net worth hit $186bn (£136bn) at 10.15am in New York on Wednesday, making him $1.5bn richer than Bezos, who had held the top spot since October 2017

However Musk responded in typical style of his own to Twitter once he became world richest.

And after that Legendary musk completed the short banter by going again to work which shows how less he care about all these numbers game atleast what he shows off on twitter

Musk said he intended to use half of his fortune to “help problems on Earth” and “half to help establish a self-sustaining city on Mars to ensure continuation of life (of all species) in case Earth gets hit by a meteor like the dinosaurs or WW3 happens & we destroy ourselves”.

In a series of tweets that the South African-born billionaire pinned to the top of his timeline, Musk said the reason why he wants lots of money was “not what you think”. He said he had “very little time for recreation” and doesn’t have “vacation homes or yachts or anything like that”

With the way Elon musk is amassing his fortune for sure there will be no dearth of money, let’s see if he can pull of his Mars vision too.

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