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On Saturday Night Live, Lil Nas X Tears It Up

Lil Nas X stole the show with a couple of outstanding performances on Saturday Night Live's season finale on May 22.

Despite a wardrobe malfunction, Lil Nas X stole the show with a couple of outstanding performances on Saturday Night Live’s season finale on May 22.

Lil Nas X originally performed “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” a tremendously famous hit song that put LGBT themes front-and-center and rocketed to the top of the charts soon after launching in late March, wearing leather trousers among a squad of shirtless dancers.

It was Lil Nas X’s first time performing the song live, and he did not disappoint. During the smooth and steamy performance in front of a mainstream national audience, one of the dancers licked him.
When Lil Nas X attempted to dance on a pole, however, his leather trousers ripped and his face lit up with surprise. He was able to cover up before completing the song with ease.

Just minutes after the song ended, he tweeted, “NOT MY PANTS RIPPED ON LIVE ON TV.” “OH MY GOD NO.”

During the event, Lil Nas X also appeared in a Pride-themed pre-recorded skit before returning to the stage in a white suit to sing “Sun Goes Down,” which was just released on May 21. The moving song is about Lil Nas X’s struggles with his sexuality as a teenager.
Lil Nas X nailed the two concerts, but thereafter he explained the setbacks he encountered.

He remarked on Twitter, “At first, I was frightened to even perform.” “Then we rehearsed for two weeks, then all of the dancers were dismissed because one had COVID, and new dancers had to learn the routine in 24 hours, and I ripped my pants and couldn’t finish. Everything happens for a reason, though,” says the narrator.

“Montero,” Lil Nas X’s full-length record, is set to be released this summer.

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