‘Opposition conduct unfortunate’: PM Modi blasts Congress for deadlock in Parliament

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‘Opposition conduct unfortunate’: PM Modi blasts Congress for deadlock in Parliament 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that there is no hope from the Opposition because of its negative approach. Speaking at the Parliamentary party meeting, he said that the conduct of the Congress-led Opposition parties is unfortunate as he attacked the grand old party for causing a deadlock in the Parliament.

The Prime Minister said that the Congress is neither interested in debate, nor is allowing the Parliament to function. He also slammed Congress for not attending the all-party meeting that was called last week on the issue of Covid-19 vaccination in the country. He also asked the BJP MPs to go to their area and expose Congress by telling the truth to the people.

The Monsoon Session of Parliament commenced on July 19. However, the Parliament has failed to transact any business due to continuous uproar by the opposition parties.


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