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Paul Mooney, 79-year-old comedian, has died

The legendary comedian – who was most known for acting as a writer on ‘The Richard Pryor Show,' ‘The Rosanne Show,' and ‘Saturday Night Live' – passed suddenly

At the age of 79, Paul Mooney passed away.

After having a heart attack on Wednesday (19.05.21) at his home in Oakland, California, the legendary comedian – who was most known for acting as a writer on ‘The Richard Pryor Show,’ ‘The Rosanne Show,’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’ – passed suddenly.

Cassandra Williams, his publicist, stated in a statement: “After a heart attack, paramedics tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate him. He was being cared for by a member of his family.”

Spring Mooney, his daughter, also confirmed her father’s death on Twitter.

“Give me a moment,” she wrote. My best friend recently passed away, and my world has been rocked for the rest of my life!!! I’m at a loss for words right now… just know that I LOVE THIS MAN AND I’M BROKEN. ” (sic)

Paul was best known for his roles as Sam Cooke in 1978’s “The Buddy Holly Story” and Junebug in Spike Lee’s hit comedy “Bamboozled” in 2000.

In Dave Chappelle’s big hit “Chappelle’s Show,” the actor and comedian also played parts.

Following the news of his death, several celebrities have already turned to social media to pay tribute to him.

According to Viola Davis, “Paul Mooney, the comic great, has passed away. You were both amusing and moving. I’m overjoyed to have witnessed your brilliance in person. Take care of yourself!!! Pour some hilarity down here. We require it. ” (sic)

Ava DuVernay, the director, tweeted: “Mooney, Paul. A comedy colossus. I remember how influential his RACE CD was while I was in college. The gags, to be sure. But it’s the freedom that’s most important. He spoke openly and without fear about emotions and experiences that others found difficult to articulate. May he finally be completely free. Sir, please take a break. ” (sic)

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