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‘Serious humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan’: PM Modi cautions global community at SCO Summit | Top Quotes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday cautioned the international community against “instability” and “fundamentalism” in Afghanistan, stating that terrorist and extremist ideologies will get encouragement if the existing state of affairs continue in the war-torn country. He said that there is a “serious humanitarian crisis” in Afghanistan, and Covid-19 has added to the distress of the people of Afghanistan. Modi was addressing the SCO-CSTO Outreach Summit on Afghanistan when he made the remarks. 


  1. “If instability and fundamentalism continue in Afghanistan, terrorist and extremist ideologies will be encouraged across the world. Other extremist organisations might get the encouragement to grab the power through violence.”
  2. “All countries have been victims of terrorism, so together we should ensure that the land of Afghanistan is not used to spread terrorism in any country. SCO Member Nations should develop strict norms over this issue.”
  3. “These norms can become a template for Global Anti-Terror Cooperation in the times to come. The norms should be based on principle of zero tolerance against terrorism. It should have a code of conduct to put a check on activities like cross-border terrorism & terror financing.”
  4. “There’s a serious humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Due to obstacles in financial & trade flows, financial constraints of the people of Afghanistan is rising. The COVID challenge, along with it, is a cause of distress for them.”
  5. “India has been Afghanistan’s trusted partner for development&humanitarian help. We’ve contributed in every sector -infrastructure, education, health and capacity building- in all parts of Afghanistan. Even today,we’re willing to send food material&medicines to our Afghan friends.

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