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Surat man, who went missing a long time back, calls his brothers one day to tell them he has converted to Islam.

After Uttar Pradesh, an alleged case of religious conversion has surfaced from Gujarat’s Surat where a person named Santosh, who went missing a long time back, one day suddenly called his two brothers (Rajesh and Dinesh) after 6 years telling them he has accepted Islam and known as Abdullah.

Shocked and surprised after facing the reality, one thing which was more disheartening for Santosh’s brothers was to hear things like ‘hur and Jannat (heaven)’ from him.

Not the first time when cases of religious conversion have been witnessed in the country as many Hindu boys have converted to Islam.

Santosh, the youngest of three orphan brothers who used to live in Azad Nagar area of ​​Surat, went missing in 2013. His two brothers tried to search for him a lot but did not find any trace.

But one day suddenly after 6 years, a call came to both the brothers from none other than Santosh who told them that now he has become Abdullah, adopted Islam, and was studying in a madrasa.

Since the financial condition of all the three brothers, who were orphaned since childhood, not good, they believed this being the sole reason for Santosh’s shocking step.

Santosh’s brother said they tried a lot to explain him but it seemed he was brainwashed. During a phone call in the past, Santosh’s brothers mentioned him talking about his Kashmiri friends who were identified from people living in Pakistan.

Getting to know this, both the brothers got scared, following which they informed a Hindu organization.

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The convenor of the Hindu organization, Devi Prasad Dubey, brought the seriousness of the matter to the attention of the police following which cops brought him (Santosh) from a madrasa in Delhi back to Surat.

However, after a few months, he once again ran away, leaving his brothers without informing them.

Devi Prasad Dubey said madrasa can be used like sleeper cells and such boys can also be used in anti-national activities, the government and police should pay attention to this.

Both brothers informed that he used to talk about Hur and Jannat and Maulana. Not only this, he was afraid of coming back to Surat because he used to believe they will beat him.

His brothers mentioned that since childhood, he was living in a Muslim area and used to go to the nearby mosque, but no one had any idea that he would be forced to convert to another religion.

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