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Romy Walthall, who starred in the TV shows “Face/Off” and “Camp Nowhere,” has died at the age of 57

'Hotel Malibu,' 'Murder One,' 'Diagnosis: Murder,' and 'The X-Files' are among her other television credits.

Romy Walthall, who starred in Face/Off and Camp Nowhere, died on May 19 in Los Angeles after having a heart arrest. She was 57 years old at the time.

Walthall’s son, director and actor Morgan Krantz, revealed her death on Thursday through Instagram, saying “Rip Mom.” Along with a sequence of images, he says, “I adore you.”

Her acting career began in 1984 with the comedy Up the Creek, followed by Thief of Hearts and a succession of TV shows such as Man of the People and Civil Wars. She was often credited under the stage name Romy Windsor.

She starred alongside John Travolta and Nicolas Cage in the 1997 film Face/Off.
Isabella Israel, Walthall’s daughter, wrote a lengthy homage to her mother on Instagram. She began, “I’ve accepted the truth that there will never be an adequate combination of earthly words to adequately explain my mother.” “You simply had to be present to receive it. She was everything at the same time. My first love was her. At moments, he’s my best friend, and at others, he’s my sworn enemy. She was the most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen, and she was wicked and fun, bright and dark, and she possessed a kind of enchantment you don’t see every day.”

“My favourite things about me are because of you,” Israel added later in the post. However, it is also my least favourite. Because of you, I have both my favourite and most disturbing memories. My heart was broken, but you made it whole again. And it’s all quite lovely. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose you.”

Hotel Malibu, Murder One, Diagnosis: Murder, and The X-Files were among Walthall’s credits. She also acted alongside Oliver Reed in the 1989 film The House of Usher.

Os & 1s, a comedy co-written by Walthall’s son, was her final role.

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