Rumble the YouTube rival is suing Google for abusing its monopoly power

Rumble Sues Google for 2 bn Dollar

The Canadian Video Sharing site Rumble is suing Google for at least $2 billion, saying the search giant is “manipulating its search algorithm “to favor YouTube videos.

Rumble accuses Google of “willingly and unlawfully created a monopoly in video sharing market” by preferring YouTube in its search results.

Rumble is a direct competitor of YouTube and has become popular amongst conservative US figures who are being censored by established tech platforms.

Rumble filed a lawsuit in California on Monday. The complained said,” Google, through its search engine, is wrongfully diverting massive traffic to YouTube, depriving Rumble of additional traffic, revenue, users, uploads and brand awareness”.

Rumble alleges that Google has created a monopoly in the online video sharing platform market. They are manipulating the algorithms by which search by video results are listed. It insures that YouTube video always comes on top is search result and videos from competitors are listed way below….

Also, by pre-installation of the YouTube app as default online video sharing app on Google smart phones.

The bulk of Rumble’s earnings are derived from video content licensing. With Rumble claiming that syndicated videos hosted on YouTube have amassed over 9.3 billion total views since 2014, returning $4.3 million in ad revenue. Much of the basis of this lawsuit hinges on the principle that although not all views would have been counted on their dedicated platform, a portion would have, had Google not favored YouTube content over Rumble content.

The firm is seeking damages of at least $2 billion.

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