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Santos 0-1 Cruz Azul in Liga MX 2021. Goal and Highlights

The locals were unable to score in a first half controlled by Santos, with a lot of movement in both areas, and lost their first home game in the Playoffs.

The locals were unable to score in a first half controlled by Santos, with a lot of movement in both areas, and lost their first home game in the Playoffs. Cruz Azul takes a small lead at the Azteca Stadium thanks to a Luis Romo goal and is ninety minutes away from becoming champions.

11:00 p.m. a few hours ago
The next match is scheduled.
At 20:15 hrs. on Sunday, the second match of the Guard1anes 2021 final will be contested at the Azteca Stadium.

11:13 PM3 hours ago


The match ends! Santos 0-1 Cruz Azul.11:07 PM3 hours ago


The referee adds five more minutes to the match.11:04 PM3 hours ago

87′ Substitution

Santos: Eduardo Aguirre leaves and Ignacio Jeraldino enters.11:04 PM3 hours ago

86′ Substitution

Cruz Azul: Luis Romo and Adrian Aldrete are out; Elias Hernandez and Santiago Gimenez are in.11:02 PM3 hours ago


Otero’s powerful shot passes very close to the left post.11:01 PM3 hours ago

82′ Substitution

Santos: Emilio Orrantia leaves and Jesus Isijara enters.10:56 PM3 hours ago

This was the goal

Scored by Luis Romo.

10:55 PM3 hours ago

77′ Substitution

Cruz Azul: ‘Pol’ Fernandez leaves and ‘Shaggy’ Martinez enters.10:54 PM3 hours ago


Santos: Ayrton Preciado and Fernando Gorriaran are out; Felipe Ibargüen and Santiago Muñoz are in.10:49 PM3 hours ago


Hydration break.10:49 PM3 hours ago

70′ GOAL

Goal Cruz Azul! Scored by Luis Romo.10:47 PM3 hours ago

69′ Substitution

Cruz Azul: Yoshimar Yotun and Ignacio Rivero are out; Walter Montoya and Orbelin Pineda are in.10:44 PM4 hours ago


ACEVEDO! Santos is saved thanks to an excellent save after a powerful shot on goal by Luis Romo.10:37 PM4 hours ago


The hour mark is reached and the second half continues with movement and arrivals on both sides.10:34 PM4 hours ago


Jonathan Rodriguez’s shot was deflected for a corner kick by Acevedo.10:26 PM4 hours ago

48′ Goal disallowed

Goal by Santos, but the referee marks offside. The score remains 0-0.10:25 PM4 hours ago


Pablo Aguilar prevents Santos’ first goal and sends a corner kick.10:22 PM4 hours ago


The second half starts!10:04 PM4 hours ago

45′ MT

The first half has ended! Santos 0-0 Cruz Azul.9:59 PM4 hours ago


The referee adds three more minutes to the first half.9:55 PM4 hours ago


Santos closer! After a corner kick, Matheus Doria heads in, but the ball is deflected to cancel out the danger.9:50 PM4 hours ago


ACEVEDO! First great save by the home keeper after deflecting a Jonathan Rodríguez’s chilena kick attempt for a corner.9:47 PM4 hours ago


Hydration break.9:33 PM5 hours ago


DORIA! ‘El Cabecita’ is left alone and tries to outwit Doria, but the Laguna defender holds on and manages to get the ball away from him in the right way.9:27 PM5 hours ago


OTERO AGAIN! Diagonal shot from outside the area that passes very close to the left post.9:25 PM5 hours ago


CORONA! Cruz Azul’s goalkeeper prevents Santos’ first long-range goal. Aguirre was encouraged to shoot, but Corona made a good save.9:24 PM5 hours ago


Otero! Powerful shot with the left foot that ends up passing very close to the goal.9:22 PM5 hours ago


Cruz Azul’s first arrival. A filtered pass to Jonathan Rodriguez, who lacked the centimeters to connect with the ball.9:20 PM5 hours ago


First minutes of the match and Santos has stepped into the area with a lot of speed.9:15 PM5 hours ago


The match has started!9:06 PM5 hours ago

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