Save Texas’ and America’s voting rights. The For the People Act should be passed

Briscoe Cain, a Texas Republican, struggled to answer questions about his harsh anti-voter measure or provide a factual justification for it before his colleagues in the Texas House of Representatives a few weeks ago.

Republican Briscoe Cain stood before his colleagues in the Texas House of Representatives a few weeks ago and struggled to answer questions about his repressive anti-voter bill or offer a factual justification for it. When pressed, he begrudgingly agreed with the Secretary of State’s assessment that the 2020 elections in Texas were safe and secure – that there was no evidence of rampant, coordinated fraud in 2020 or past elections.

So why did Cain exert so much energy on behalf of a sweeping bill that would criminalize procedural mistakes, embolden partisan poll watchers with unrestrained powers, and add more barriers to voting in a state well known for making it hard to vote? That would make it easier to “prove” fraud and overturn elections?

No stranger to controversy, Cain made headlines last fall when he flew to Pennsylvania to assist the Donald Trump campaign in its failed bid to overturn the will of the people. State Rep. Chris Turner asked Cain directly: “Is this bill simply a part of a continuation of ‘the Big Lie’ perpetrated by Donald Trump, that somehow he really actually won the presidential (election)? Is that really what this is all about?” Cain’s response from the House floor was an emphatic no.

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