Singer experiences sleep paralysis hallucinations zombie like trances after smelling drug Angels Trumpet flower


Canada-based singer-songwriter Raffaela Weyman and her friend repeatedly smelled a bright yellow-looking flower not aware of its poisonous properties.

Flowers are a symbol of purity, beauty, fragrance but are also a source for medicines, drugs and can cause severe illness if are used or sniffed without having prior knowledge of a particular type no matter how innocent or attractive they ought to appear.

Recently, a pop singer and her friend had a terrible experience who got attracted towards the beauty of a flower after they sniffed it.

Canada-based singer-songwriter Raffaela Weyman from Toronto and her friend were amused with a beauty of a bright yellow-looking flower and filmed themselves sniffing it on social media unaware of the fact that it contained a highly poisonous drug.

Sharing their experience of what they went through after inhaling the smell to which they termed as delicious, Raffaela Weyman wrote on Instagram, “GRADIENCE! I hope you inhale my EP just as deeply as we inhaled the delicious smell of this flower. After these photos were taken we both felt really weird and had to go home, I had my first sleep paralysis dream and the craziest nightmares, it was f****d. The next day we were informed this is an ‘Angel’s Trumpet’. It’s highly poisonous and causes hallucinations and zombie-like trances SOOOO stick to inhaling my music, not a random flower you find on the street.”

Flowers, trees apart from being natural oxygen generations plants are also a source of ingredients for medicines, drugs, therefore, one must always keep in mind before using them as a source for greeting someone or inhaling their smell as it might call for some trouble.

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