Social network Gab is down as its Twitter account disappears

Screenshot by CNET

Gab, a social media platform popular with right-wing users, stopped working Friday evening, with its website serving up an error message. The company’s Twitter account also disappeared. 

The service’s website displayed a message to potential visitors that read, “We encountered an error processing your request. Please try again in a few seconds.”

Gab CEO Andrew Torba didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on when services might return.

A Gab Twitter account disappeared from the short-message service. “This account doesn’t exist,” a page formerly used by Gab read.

Twitter said it didn’t take action against the Gab account. 

Gab, which has previously come under fire for anti-Semitic content, hails itself as a platform for free speech, a self-characterization also used by Parler, the right-wing version of Twitter.

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