Sonos is raising prices on its speakers and soundbars

The price of the Sonos Arc will increase by $100 on Sept. 12.

Ty Pendlebury

Sonos speakers are about to get more expensive. The company said Friday that most of the speakers across their lineup will see price increases beginning on Sept. 12 due to ongoing global supply chain constraints

The Arc soundbar is set for the biggest price jump — from $799 to $899, a $100 increase — while the majority of the lineup climbs by $20 or $50. The Sonos Boost Wi-Fi extension and the Sonos Port streaming component stay at their current price, $99 and $449 respectively. 

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The price increases don’t come as a surprise. Brittany Bagley, Sonos’ chief financial officer, confirmed during an earnings call in August that price increases were imminent

“We always evaluate our prices based not just on cost, but where we are from a supply perspective and what the demand is. And when we look at all of those factors, we will be raising some prices ahead of our next fiscal year,” she said. 

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Why the Sonos Arc is one special soundbar


The increases reflect ongoing trends across multiple industries where wide-ranging supply constraints are impacting everything from prices on new Teslas to PlayStation 5 availability.

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