Tamil Nadu minister Anitha Radhakrishnan carried shoulders fishermen controversy watch video

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Video: Fishermen carry Tamil Nadu minister on shoulders after he refuses to step into water

Tamil Nadu Minister for Fisheries Anitha Radhakrishnan’s “inspection” in Thiruvallur is hogging headlines for all the wrong reasons. Making way for a fresh controversy surrounding “VVIP culture”, Radhakrishnan on Thursday refused to step into the water when he was out to inspect the region after receiving complaints of erosion.

He spoke to the locals and then took a boat ride. On reaching the shore, the fishermen placed a chair in front of the boat for the minister to get down. 

As Radhakrishnan did not want to wet his shoes, the fishermen carried him on their shoulders and cross him over from the boat.


A video of the incident went viral. The minister could be seen in white clothes and shoes in the video. He is supported by 3-4 fishmermen who help him cover the small distance while carrying him on their shoulders.

Radhakrishnan, however, denied all the allegations and said that he had not asked anyone to carry him and that the fisherman volunteered to do so because out of “affection”. 

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