‘The Morning Show’ actress Janina Gavankar reveals what it’s like to have Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon as bosses

Janina Gavankar has nothing but good things to say about the time she’s spent with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon while filming The Morning Show.

“If you get to work over the age of 40 as a woman, you are an extraordinary person, and, you know, both of them are executive producers,” Gavankar, 40, tells Monét X Change in a new episode of The X Change Rate. “Both of them are the reason that it’s even being made at all, so they are ostensibly my bosses. And you’re working with these people who are not only incredible actresses but, you know, they are bosses.”

Janina Gavankar, left, poses with Desean Terry, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Nestor Carbonell in The Morning Show. (Photo: Apple TV+/Courtesy Everett Collection)

The actress, whose parents are Indian, says she’s leery of being the brown girl on the set of projects, but that’s not a concern when it comes to the Apple TV+ drama. She notes that they address such issues through storylines.

“Cause it doesn’t just start with the color of your skin or your gender. It is deep,” she says. “And they cover a lot of it.”

The Way Back star also addressed the current state of the entertainment industry when it comes to diversity.

“Most people are working, especially now, in a place of fear. Which is, again, why you’re like, ‘Well, I’d rather not even hire her than put up with being scared, you know, or misstepping,'” Gavankar explains. “But the truth is, if you’re casting me to put some Indian wedding in an episode because you like the colors, I’m not gonna do it. Don’t exoticize me. I am just truly the girl next door, just like everybody else.”

One of Gavankar’s latest acting projects was the short film Stucco, which she also wrote, produced and directed.

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