This indoor bike lets you watch Netflix, and it’s $100 cheaper today


While most indoor bikes focus on delivering an experience similar to a spin class, I prefer something more entertaining when I’m doing longer rides. Instructors are great for personal improvement, but if I’m going to ride 50 miles indoors I need to be able to zone out. Bowflex does a great job offering Netflix, Disney Plus and HBOMax among other things to make this easier, which is one of the core reasons I recommend these indoor bikes. And if you have been looking for the right time to get one for yourself, the price dropping to $900 is it. 

On top of being a great indoor bike with a dedicated resistance knob and pedals which support normal athletic wear as well as cycling shoes, the screen on the Bowflex C7 does a ton. You can take classes using the free year of JRNY fitness included with purchase, you can ride with friends virtually using Zwift or you could ride at your own pace while watching whatever you want. 

The bike fits well in most small spaces, and if you decide you want something bigger than the included screen there’s a space perfect for setting up a tablet. Hard to say no to this opportunity if you’ve been looking for an indoor bike. 

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