Tigress dead, tiger takes care of 4 cubs in MP’s Panna Reserve


Tigress dead, tiger takes care of 4 cubs in Panna Reserve.


Panna Tiger Reserve (PTR) in Madhya Pradesh is witnessing a rare scene of a tiger taking care of its cubs after the tigress that gave birth to them died, officials said on Saturday.

The PTR authorities have released a video showing the tiger, officially called P-243, taking care of four cubs after their mother, tigress P213 (32), died in the last fortnight.

In the video, the cubs can be seen playing on rocks and making themselves comfortable as the tiger moves among them.

“The cubs are the offspring of P-243. It has been taking care of four cubs who are six to eight months old now. Due to this paternal care, we will not have to shift the cubs elsewhere. The situation is being monitored as the tiger has been collared a couple of days ago,” said PTR field director Uttam Kumar Sharma.

Tigress P213(32) was seen with a swelling on its left leg on May 12, and it was given medical treatment post tranquilization and released, but its carcass was found in PTR’s Gahrighat range on May 15, he said.

The death appears to have taken place due to natural causes, the official added.

Madhya Pradesh is known as the tiger state of India with the 2018 census putting their number at 526.

The state is home to several tiger reserves like Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Pench, Satpura and Panna.



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