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Tim Ryan’s Fury on Republicans Has Been Watched 3 Million Times

Ryan, a Democrat who represents Ohio's 13th congressional district, spoke from the House floor, blasting GOP colleagues who opposed the plan to establish a 9/11-style panel.

More than 3 million people have watched a video of Representative Tim Ryan vehemently denouncing Republicans for blocking a commission to investigate the Capitol violence.

On Wednesday, Ryan, a Democrat who represents Ohio’s 13th congressional district, spoke from the House floor, blasting GOP colleagues who opposed the plan to establish a 9/11-style panel.

At the time of writing, a video of Ryan’s statements had been seen 3.3 million times on Twitter. The law was passed by a vote of 252 to 175 in the House, with 35 Republicans voting in favour.

In an emotional address, Ryan hailed Republican Representative John Katko of New York for co-sponsoring the bill, but he slammed Katko’s Republican colleagues who opposed it.

“I’d like to express my gratitude to the gentleman from New York and the other Republicans who are supporting this, as well as their bipartisanship,” Ryan added.

“Holy cow, to the other 90% of our buddies on the opposite side of the aisle. Inconsistency. I have no idea what you’re on about, “he stated

In theory, 83.3 percent of GOP House members voted against the plan.

Ryan linked Republican opposition to the commission to a two-year examination into the deaths of four Americans in Libya in 2012. The $7 million GOP-led investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s handling of the incident found that she was not personally culpable and could not have averted it.
The Benghazi probe, according to many Democrats and other critics, was politically driven. In June 2016, the report was released. In the same month, Clinton earned a majority of delegates to claim her party’s candidacy.

“You guys in Benghazi spent millions of dollars chasing the former secretary of state across the country. People are scaling the Capitol and bashing Capitol Police officers in the head with lead pipes, and we can’t achieve bipartisanship. Is there anything else that has to happen in this country?” On Wednesday, Ryan stated.

“Officers of the law! This is a slap in the face to every police officer in the country “Ryan continued.

“We need two political parties in this country who are both living in reality if we’re going to take on China, if we’re going to rebuild the country, if we’re going to reverse climate change, and you ain’t one of them,” he continued.

Ryan was first elected to Congress in 2002 for Ohio’s 17th district, but owing to redistricting, he now represents the state’s 13th district. He launched his candidacy for Ohio’s open Senate seat in 2022 on April 26. Ryan competed for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2019 for a short time.


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