Tom Hiddleston reveals the one item he’s taken from a Marvel set, and it might surprise you

Actor Tom Hiddleston was on Tuesday, where the star was asked to show off something he has taken from a Marvel set through his decade-plus run with the franchise. After Kimmel pointed out that Hiddleston’s frequent co-star, Chris Hemsworth, has , the host was hoping Hiddleston would have something equally as interesting, like “knives” or “horns.”

So Hiddleston stepped away, leaving Kimmel and the viewers with a view of his hotel chair for a few moments, and when he returned he was happy to be wearing a black and grey scarf and asked, “Remember this?”

“A scarf,” Kimmel said. “No, I do not remember that.”

Kimmel may have had no idea where the scarf is from but fans on Twitter definitely did. And while they shared Hiddleston’s excitement about it, they were not impressed with Kimmel’s lack of Loki knowledge with comments like, “I feel bad, Tom looked so excited about the scarf and Kimmel was like what is that?”

It turns out that Hiddleston has actually been seen wearing the scarf out in public through the years and seems quite fond of it. And of course he was happy to nerd-splain the scarf for Kimmel.

“Loki comes down to visit Thor in the first movie. And he’s wearing this scarf,” Hiddleston said. To which Kimmel, who was clearly still not impressed, replied: 

“That’s all you got, huh?”

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