Twitter calls ‘Jeopardy!’ champ ‘annoying’ due to odd quirk

As LeVar Burton’s guest-hosting week continues on Jeopardy!, so does the six-game winning streak of Matt Amodio, a Phd student from New Haven, Connecticut. And while viewers on social media are clearly impressed with Amodio’s dominant gameplay skills, there’s something else that keeps grabbing their attention. Like this person who Tweeted, “I am impressed with Matt on Jeopardy but he uses “What’s” regardless of if the answer is a thing or a person — for a few nights now. Shouldn’t a person always be “who”?!?”

And it’s true. When the answer is a person’s name like, say, Anna Faris, Jim Parsons or John Cleese as we saw on Wednesday’s episode, Amodio said, “what’s Faris,” “what’s Parsons,” and “what’s Cleese.” And this quirk of Amodio’s has clearly struck a nerve with viewers, with some even going so far if he is “the most annoying contestant ever.”

But some fans are actually digging Amodio’s style because, simply, he gets his answers right. And they just seem excited to have such an impressive champion back in the game for the first time in a while. And as one viewer wisely pointed out, “Y’all better get used to and get over hearing “What’s” because I think Matt’s going to be on Jeopardy! for a while. And I’m here for it.”

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