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Tyler Terry, the accused murder, was ‘relieved’ to be in custody after a week

Tyler Terry arrived at the Chester County command centre with insect bites, damaged clothes, and was dehydrated and fatigued.

Morgan Newell | May 24, 2021 at 8:11 p.m. EDT | May 24, 2021 at 8:19 p.m. EDT | Updated May 24, 2021 at 8:19 p.m. EDT


Tyler Terry arrived at the Chester County command centre with insect bites, damaged clothes, and was dehydrated and fatigued.

After reportedly killing two individuals in South Carolina and two more near St. Louis, Missouri, and shooting at deputies in Chester County, he spent nearly seven days on the run from law enforcement.

[ A murder suspect has been apprehended after a week-long manhunt in South Carolina.]

Terry allegedly fired those shots at Chester County deputies, prompting the manhunt to begin on May 19.

Hundreds of cops from all over the country would spend the next six days looking for Terry. He was apprehended in Chester County this morning.

Tyler Terry, according to the sheriff, was once homeless. Terry, he claims, stayed in the woods in a tent for months at a time, which is why the Sheriff believes he was so difficult to apprehend.

Sheriff Max Dorsey of Chester County adds, “I felt really down, disappointed.” ”I would have bet the house on his not being here before we bought the Carolina EarthMovers house.”

Tyler Terry, according to Dorsey, was a difficult person to deal with.

Dorsey added, “I understand my anxiousness, my frustration.” “On them, though, it was ten times worse.”

Law enforcement officers from roughly 15 different cities, towns, agencies, and counties worked around the clock to find suspected killer Tyler Terry. They did it on the sixth day.

”It simply happened to work out. “It just worked out because the good Lord was looking out for us,” he says.

It took 300 people, a tight perimeter, and plain old police work, according to the sheriff.

”Our part was played by law enforcement. We completed our task. We did it safely, professionally, and, again, I’m glad to say, without firing a single shot,” Dorsey said.

That achievement was lauded.

After Tyler Terry was driven into the command centre, where some searchers had remained for a week, cheers, high fives, and I love yous filled the air.

”They’ve placed their reputation on the line. They’ve put their lives on the line to keep Chester County safe,” he says.

The quest may be done, but the investigation is only beginning. The criminal probe, which had been put on hold until Terry was discovered, is now taking centre stage.

This includes determining whether Adrienne Simpson and Terry committed any felonies between St. Louis and Chester, but Sheriff Dorsey is putting that off for the time being because he only has one thing on his mind.

”Sheriff, are you going to get some sleep tonight?” a WBTV photographer inquired.

”I guarantee you, I’ll get some tonight,” Dorsey promised.

Terry was rushed to the hospital to be checked out after being checked out by EMS on the scene, according to our sources.

He will have a bond hearing on Tuesday, rather than today.

WBTV will continue to bring you the most up-to-date information as it becomes available.

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