Unemployment on rise in Afghanistan; people forced to sell goods on streets

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Displaced Afghans distribute food donations at an internally displaced persons camp in Kabul

Rising unemployment in Afghanistan has forced many people to drive their own cars as taxis and sell goods on the country’s streets. Akramuddin, who used to work in a military organization says he has not received his salary for seven months and has been living in rented accommodation. 

“They did not pay my salary. I am living in a rented house, paying Afs 5,000 as rent and 2,000 for electricity expenses. I do not even earn Afs 10 as income these days,” he was cited as saying in TOLOnews.

Mohammad Nasir, a teacher who is only the bread earner for a nine-member family said, “I was spending 10,000 Afs before, but now there is no salary and the prices are very high.”

Meanwhile, Kabul residents have expressed their concerns about unemployment and called it a tragic situation.

“People have a lot of problems. We ask the current government to pay attention. These people who work on the streets are those without daily food,” said Ghulam Nabi, reports TOLOnews.

Around 43,000 people were working as Civil servants in the Afghanistan government, said the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission.

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