Union minister Ramdas Athawale suggested Rahul Gandhi to marry a Dalit woman

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Will offer Rahul Gandhi ‘Rs 2.5 lakh govt scheme’ if he marries a Dalit woman: Ramdas Athwale

Making a veiled attack on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over his ‘hum do, hamare do’ jibe directed at the Modi government, RPI leader and Union minister Ramdas Athawale has suggested the Gandhi scion to marry a Dalit woman if he really wants to propagate the idea of a small family.

Athawale said that if Rahul marries a Dalit girl, he will also fulfill the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and help end casteism. Besides, Athawale said that his ministry will provide a government scheme to Rahul Gandhi worth Rs 2.5 lakh.

“I believe that Rahul Gandhi is a good friend of mine and he is speaking on ‘hum do, humare do’. This motto was used for family planning so if he wants to do ‘hum do, humare do’, then Rahul Gandhi should get married. If he marries a Dalit woman, then he would fulfill the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and help end casteism. This will provide a direction to all youth,” news agency ANI quoted him as saying.

“That’s why he should get married and he should marry a Dalit woman. This is my suggestion to him,” he added. Athawale is MoS for Social Justice and Empowerment in the Modi government.

Last week, Rahul while speaking in the Lok Sabha hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union minister Amit Shah, saying the “country is being run by four people with the ‘Hum do, humare do’ approach”.

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