UP: Villagers face power cut after refusing COVID jab, officials deny allegation

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Villagers from Uttar Pradesh’s Saurikh area have claimed that they faced power cut on account of refusing to get vaccinated for COVID 19.

The residents of a village in the Saurikh area of Uttar Pradesh’s Kannuj have alleged that electricity connections of their houses were snapped after they refused to take COVID vaccine jabs.

Suresh Dubey, a resident of the village said, “The SDM came to the village on Wednesday to get people vaccinated against COVID-19. The people who took the jabs are not facing the issue but those who refused are facing consequences. The SDM ordered to snap electricity connections to the houses of the villagers who refused vaccination.”

Denying the allegations, Assistant District Magistrate (ADM) of Kannuj Gajendra Kumar said that the electrical connection has been discontinued to the households that did not pay bills and it has no relation with the vaccination.

“A vaccination camp was organised for the beneficiary aged 45 and above. The people were protesting against the vaccination camp. The SDM tried to make them understand the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine,” Kumar said.

“The snapping of electricity at the households at the village has nothing to do with this incident. The electricity connection has been discontinued to the households that did not pay bills,” he said.

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