USA TODAY launches digital subscriptions for premium journalism

When major news breaks anywhere in the country, our journalists are on the scene quickly. We often get asked, “How did you get people there so fast?”

Our answer: We don’t have to “get” there, we are there.

USA TODAY has journalists spread across the country, and partners each day on coverage with more than 200 news organizations in the USA TODAY Network, from the Arizona Republic to the Detroit Free Press to the Providence (R.I.) Journal. 

It’s a powerful combination: original, on-the-ground reporting with a national perspective. Facts you can trust, because we’re reporting them firsthand. Reporters asking tough questions and digging for records in statehouses and courthouses across the USA.

Viewpoints from all parts of the country, not just its coasts. 

Each month, about 90 million unique visitors come to USA TODAY’s digital platforms for investigations that change laws and livessmart sports analysis, expert science and health reporting, and entertainment and consumer news to help you make the most of your time and money.

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