Uzbekistan President highlights green recovery agenda

Uzbekistan’s environmental protection and green recovery are high on the Central Asian country’s priorities, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev said in his speech at the Second International Summit “Partnership for Green Growth and Global Goals-2030” (P4G) in Seoul.

At the same time, Uzbekistan has an idea of the real state of affairs and what should be done to mitigate the consequences of the ongoing processes caused by climate change.

Uzbekistan’s commitment to fulfilling its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 under the Paris Agreement was confirmed.

In this context, Mirziyoyev tried to draw the attention of his colleagues from other countries to the difficult problems troubling the Central Asian region, without which the situation cannot be corrected. The Uzbek President called for the need to overcome the global consequences of the Aral Sea disaster, the region of which was recently declared a zone of environmental innovation and technology by the UN General Assembly.

The Uzbek President also expressed concern about the reduction in the flow of transboundary rivers and biodiversity in Central Asia, which is also one of the most pressing problems in the region. Therefore, the Head of Uzbekistan announced an ambitious goal – to increase the share of renewable energy sources in the country’s economy by more than 3 times in the next 10 years.

In addition, taking into account the fact that Uzbekistan is one of the youngest countries in the world in terms of the age of the population, Mirziyoyev put forward an initiative to launch a special program to attract young people to create a green economy to form a culture of green consumption.

He noted that, if successfully implemented, this scheme, i.e. the development of environmental innovations and technologies in the Aral Sea region, the increase in renewable energy sources and the involvement of young people in the creation of a green economy will have an extremely positive effect.


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