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On PS5, watch 15 minutes of gameplay from Horizon Forbidden West

Sony showed off roughly 15 minutes of new Horizon Forbidden West gameplay on PlayStation 5 hardware during its State of Play webcast today, and it looked incredible.

Horizon Forbidden West is looking like one of the visually compelling games on PS5 so far.


Today, on its State of Play livestream, Sony showed off around 15 minutes of new Horizon Forbidden West gameplay running on PlayStation 5 hardware and it looked phenomenal.

Which is almost predictable at this point. Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the best looking games on PS4 and it looks like Horizon Forbidden West will follow suit on PS5.

But above and beyond visuals, the gameplay video did a great job of showing off brand new elements of the game. There’s new methods of vertical traversal in the form of a grappling hook, and Aloy can swim in the ocean. That part looked incredible as main character Aloy swam among a new set of ocean animals.

The demo ends with a colossal fight with what was essentially a gigantic robotic mammoth. All the core elements of Horizon’s stellar combat appears in tact.

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