Watch Sting perform the ‘Jeopardy!’ theme song

Sting has added “Jeopardy!” performer to his list of credits. (Photo: Andrew Toth/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

This award-winning, English musician wowed Jeopardy! audiences Thursday with his rendition of the theme song.

The correct question: “Who is Sting?”

The former lead singer of the Police (real name: Gordon Sumner) appeared on the game show via video to present his own category and, at the end of the match, pulled out his guitar. While viewers are used to hearing the song without lyrics — as the show opens and closes and while contestants scribble their responses in the final Jeopardy! round — Sting added some words.

“Of all the things in my CV,” he sang, “Everything in life from A to Z, but how I wish my ma could see, here I am on Jeopardy!”

Titled “Think!,” the theme song was written by late media mogul Merv Griffin, who created the show in the ’60s and went on to produce the current incarnation, which debuted in 1984. He composed it as a lullaby for his son, but it made him some serious cash. In May 2005, Griffin told the New York Times that he whipped it up in less than a minute.

“That little 30 seconds has made me a fortune, millions,” Griffin said, at first refusing to state exactly how much. “You don’t want to know. Probably close to $70-80 million.”

Sting’s episode was hosted by journalist Katie Couric, one of the many people taking turns leading the TV staple following the death of beloved host Alex Trebek, who died from pancreatic cancer last November. She was impressed with Sting’s appearance from the beginning, saying, “How cool is that?” as she explained that he would be delivering clues.

The audience was delighted, too, especially by the tune.

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