WhatsApp introduces new privacy policy, will share your data with Facebook

WhatsApp now requires users to share data with Facebook

WhatsApp, the messaging platform owned by Facebook, has updated its Privacy Policy. All users received a notice, saying that the service will now be sharing user data with other Facebook companies.

This comes in stark contrast with what the company initially promised back in 2014 during the acquisition by Facebook when WhatsApp assured its goal is to know “as little as possible”.

While users were able to opt out until now, starting February 8, they will have only one solution, if they don’t want their data to be owned by the parent company – uninstall the app and stop using the service. This is how it looks

Some of the info WhatsApp is collecting and will be sharing includes location data, IP addresses, phone model, OS, battery level, signal strength, browser, mobile network, ISP, language, time zone, and even IMEI. There’s also the information about how you are messaging, calling, what groups you are attending, the Status, the profile photo, last time the you were online, etc.

This change in privacy policy has not been liked my masses and several other tech giants including the likes of Elon Musk, Cofounder of Tesla and Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey tweeted that User should download and start using Signal app instead of Whatsapp .

Signal app is backed by Whatsapp Cofounder Brian Acton, According to a Vox report, Signal has been downloaded 121,000 times in the US since May 25, according to Apptopia.

Privacy centric messaging app Signal in February said it was mulling to go mainstream now and has put the $50 million infusion from WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton – who left Facebook over differences with CEO Mark Zuckerberg — to good use

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