Workers look for jobs, promotions, balance amid COVID: LinkedIn poll

For Michelle Rickert, the COVID-19 pandemic gave her time to realize that while she could do it all, it was wearing her out.

The owner of a consulting business in New York City, Rickert says she decided to put work on hold last spring to focus on her family, including her children, ages 8 and 12.

“That time gave me the space to think about how I could balance things, and really I don’t need to schedule meetings from 8:30 in the morning to 5,”  Rickert, 52, says of the break. “If it’s time to pick up my kids … or I want to make breakfast or whatever it is so we can spend time together, now I make space for that.”

She’s not alone. The pandemic has spurred many workers to reevaluate their lives and the role work plays in them, leading some to set fresh boundaries, find new jobs or maintain the side hustles that got them through the shutdowns and layoffs. 

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