You season 3’s new trailer reveals release date and baby name

Victoria Pedretti and Penn Badgley in You.


The new trailer for season 3 of Netflix’s hit creepy series You has dropped, so prepare for a whole lot of grammatically confusing sentences like, “have you seen You yet?” or “where are you up to in You?”

The trailer debuts with the show’s signature voiceover style, as Penn Badgley’s murderous stalker Joe Goldberg addresses the audience as if we are his unborn child, revealed at the end of season 2. He does so while slicing a cake with a large, frankly intimidating knife dripping with vivid red icing.

Joe discusses what name to give his son, throwing back to iconic moments from season 2 before deciding on Henry — and revealing that he didn’t expect a boy, let alone one to follow in his footsteps. Well, hopefully not too carefully — ideally Henry will not prove himself to be a sociopathic murderer/stalker with a penchant for dramatics.

“A boy is not what what we expected and I would be lying if I said the thought of mini me was purely exciting and not without challenges,” Joe says himself. “Let’s just say, I hope you’ll do as I say, not as I do, but for you I could change. I’ll be a man you look up to, a man you will be proud to call dad.”

The trailer also reveals the official release date for season 3, which is set to drop on Netflix on October 15. Plenty of time for you to remind yourself of the chaos that was seasons 1 and 2 — and to maybe rethink your attraction to Joe. He’s a psycho, folks. C’mon.

Check out the trailer below.

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