YouTube TV launches PlayStation 5 app

YouTube TV subscribers can now channel surf to their heart’s content on the PlayStation 5.

Matt Elliott/CNET

For six months, there’s been a YouTube TV-shaped hole in the PlayStation 5’s lineup of streaming apps — but that’s changed on Thursday, as Sony’s console joined Google’s list of devices that support the streaming service.

A popular, well-reviewed pick for streaming, the YouTube TV app’s arrival on PS5 helps bring the console up to speed with the Xbox Series X, which supported YouTube TV at launch. The console itself remains difficult to get, though as of April, Sony said it was outselling the PlayStation 4. The news also comes after the recent departure of YouTube TV from Roku devices.

To watch, you’ll need to head to the PlayStation Store to download the YouTube TV app. From there, subscribers can use it to watch live channels or recorded programs, with unlimited cloud storage. Other options for streaming live television on the console include Tubi TV and Hulu with Live TV.

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